medical transcriptionist jobs increase

Medical Transcriptionist Jobs Soar!

Medical transcriptionists in the United States are trained to listen to recorded voice dictation from doctors and other health care professionals and convert that dictation into written reports. A transcriptionist may also be qualified to review and even edit medical documentation created using speech recognition software. It is the duty of the transcriptionist to interpret medical abbreviations as well as terminology in preparing patient discharge orders, medical history and other documents related to the patient’s medical files. Most transcriptionists work in doctor’s offices and hospitals, as well as for third party contractors that provide transcription services on a contractual basis. As technology and the reach of the Internet progresses, more and more people are learning how to transcribe from home and thus are considered self-employed.

Traditionally, how to become a medical transcriptionist required post-secondary education after high school. Although not a requirement, Associates Degrees in medical transcription are available at vocational colleges and community colleges all across the United States. There are also online training and certification courses that can prepare and educate a student to recognize and understand medical terminology, physiology and anatomy. Excellent language and grammatical skills are a must, especially if the doctor you are working for speaks a foreign language, thus using English as a second language and may not be familiar with the nuances of the English language as a native speaker would be. Additionally, familiarity with a variety of word processing applications is also necessary for a career in transcribing. Furthermore, it helps to be able to type at least eighty words per minute with minimal mistakes. The faster and more accurately you can type increases your efficiency as a transcriptionist.

While not a requirement, there are a number of certifications that a medical transcriptionist can pursue to add to their credibility, such as earning the credentials as a Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT). In addition to the RMT, there are also credentials for a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT). To qualify for the RMT credential, one must have graduated from previous transcriptionist training programs and have less than 24 months experience in an acute care capacity. The next level is the CMT, which is applicable to transcriptionists with at least 24 months of experience at the acute care level, using a variety of format, report and dictation types across various areas of medical specialties. To earn one or both of these credentials, one must achieve a score above passing on a written exam.

Home Loans Consolidate

Consolidate loans to save money!

Payday loan consolidation services target low-income families, or people who have bad credit. These companies prey on a people’s need for money quick and without any hassles. While they claim that funds of this nature are for short-term situations only, they know that many people will wind up paying much more in interest before they ever pay off the loan. That is why the idea of using a payday loan as a consolidation loan is a joke. If payday loans are for any purpose, it should truly be that of an emergency situation, and with a clear understanding of paying the whole debt off with the first paycheck payment due date.

If we look at the interest alone, you can see that using these loans should be a last resort. For example, if you were to borrow $1000 and had an APR of 25.99%, your interest in 30 days would be approximately $22.31. That is because these types of loans use compounded daily interest. While this amount may not seem like a lot realize that a 25.99% APR from a payday loan company is conservative. Most have interest rates up to and including 200%. Now do that same math using an APR of 200% and in one month you are paying $178.14 in interest, and that’s not even paying toward the principle borrowed. Yes, 200% APR is ridiculous, but since the same laws do not govern payday loan companies like banks and other lending institutions, they can get away with their loan shark type interest rates.

That is why states like North Carolina have made it illegal for payday loan companies to operate within their state, to protect their citizens from unscrupulous lending practices. Therefore, until payday loan companies can be regulated the same as banks and dare I say credit card companies, people should be of the opinion that payday loan companies are not for consolidation of any debt. Especially with loans of this type, it is important to have a healthy financial knowledge of the type of debt being accepted and the ability of the person to pay it off in a timely fashion.

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